Visit Little Talbot Island, Fl for a Big Experience

Little Talbot Island FL


Recently on one of journeys through Florida we had a brief stay in the Jacksonville area.  Never one to turn down the opportunity of a great day at the beach we made a journey of about 30 minutes over to Little Talbot Island State Park.  We traveled there on a Saturday in June and so I worried about the weekend crowd we might encounter.

After the breath-taking drive out, Tall Family entered the well maintained state park after paying the entry fee ($5 for up to 8 people per car at the time of our visit).  What a deal!  The walk out to the beach from the parking lot was long so pack lightly for the day (that walk is even longer after a day on the beach) and along the way there was a well kept restroom and changing area.  Closer to the main parking area there was also a spacious covered shelter that a family had commandered for a beautiful banquet including elaborate catering.  (What an awesome location for a reunion or wedding!)

Arriving at the beach we found no crowd!  (I didn’t even know this was possible in the state of Florida.)  Little Talbot may be the state’s best kept secret (though I am big on Henderson Beach State Park on the other side of the state as well for an escape from the crowded beaches near Destin).  Little Talbot is nature at its finest without the tourist traps and crowded beaches with people and their stuff in your space.  For most of the day Tall Family had to squint to see other humans in the nearby vicinity.


Shells at Little Talbot Island
Shells covered the sand for portions of the Little Talbot Beach.

The fish were plentiful on the line (watch out for sharks if you are swimming) and there were lots of other activities around us such as kayaking and biking.  The shore line was covered in shells.  Bring a picnic lunch as food options in the area are limited (though there are several fish camps a few miles closer into town).  The state park also has a campground conveniently located near the beach for the more adventurous types.  For those with a military interest, a nearby military base means views of naval vessels moving in and out nearby the beach.  Bring your binoculars for close up view!

For those driving through the South on the way to parks in Orlando or an even Miami or Key West as a destination, quiet Little Talbot provides a respite from the busier locales.  And if your travels take you to the Jacksonville, Florida area don’t miss out on one of Florida’s best beaches.



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